Installing CPABuild Deployment Package

Cache Folder

Checking for /cache folder...
Cache folder exists!

Pretty URL Install

Pretty URL test:

Non-Pretty URL test: (Notice the added ? question mark)

Checking for .htaccess file...
Missing required HTACCESS file. Please download the package and try again.


  1. Htaccess installation was not successful. Use non-pretty format for urls or attempt to fix by following instructions in that section.
  2. Start adding URL's to your website here:
  3. Change your homepage (currently this page). Edit the file config.php and change the line
    Where my-private-uri is the URI from CPABuild (you can use any private uri as a homepage).
  4. When you are satisfied, delete the install.php file. If you ever need to run the installation again, just re-download the package from CPABuild.
  5. You can check if your package is up to date by visiting